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Hip Orthosis

Pediatric - Hip - HD Pediatric Hip  

Pediatric - Hip - HD Pediatric Hip

Product Number: PD-96HD-BHAO

Manufacturer: RCAI

Suggested Billing Code: L1690

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The new HD Pediatric Hip by RCAI controls or prevents deformity after soft tissue release and other hip surgeries for children with Cerebral Palsy. It provides a higher level of support and stabilization of the pelvic region due to greater coverage of the mid spine. The HD Pediatric Hip is made of heat moldable thermoplastic, allowing for easier patient customization. A spine relief opening at the back of the brace offers better air flow for patient comfort. The HD Pediatric Hip offers flexion/extension settings, plus adjustable internal/external rotation control of the hip using adjustment knobs, with no tools required. It can be fitted as a postoperative brace, or can be used post cast removal. The hip joints are offset to provide clearance, and the thigh cuffs adjust circumferentially for a better fit. The washable, breathable foam liner keeps the skin dry, cool and comfortable, and can be trimmed to accommodate a G tube.


  • Heat moldable Kydex® hip girdle.
  • Bilateral thigh cuffs.
  • Flexion/extension ROM control from 0-120° in 15° increments.
  • Abduction/adduction adjustments from 0-45° in 5° increments.
  • Circumferential hip and thigh adjustments.
  • Vertical adjustability at hip and thigh.
  • Adjustable rotational control hinges.
  • Removable, replaceable, washable liner pads.

Sizes Available:

Pediatric - Hip - HD Pediatric Hip

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