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Hyperextension Orthosis

Torso - Hyperextension Orthosis  

Torso - Hyperextension Orthosis

Product Number: 455-HEO

Manufacturer: RCAI

Suggested Billing Code: L0472

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The new Hyperextension Orthosis by RCAI is indicated in the treatment of stable thoracic and lumbar vertical compression fractures, the reduction of Kyphosis in patients with osteoporosis, and to improve and correct flexed posture accompanied by pain. It extends the thoracic spine, preventing forward flexion, and limits rotation. The Hyperextension Orthosis features a single screw height adjustment and heat moldable Kydex© thoracic and pubic areas, offering easy adjustment and patient customization. The anterior thoracic and pubic areas are covered in washable foam liners that "wick" moisture away from the skin, keeping the patient dry and comfortable. A flexible ethylene posterior panel with foam liner is supplied for increased stabilization and pain reduction. The low profile Hyperextension Orthosis can be worn under clothing.
Sizes Available:

Torso - Hyperextension Orthosis

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