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Soft Heel Suspension Boot - USA Boot (Universal Suspension Assist Boot)

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The new USA Boot (Universal Suspension Assist Boot) by RCAI gently cradles the foot to eliminate pressure and friction on the heel. Constructed of contoured foam, the Soft Boot positions the foot and heel to provide positive heel clearance with it's "floating heel" design. Pressure is virtually eliminated from this bony prominence, enhancing blood circulation vital to healing. The open design of the heel allows wound visualization without removing the boot. The contoured foam shell of the USA Boot follows the anatomical curves of the calf, discouraging excess movement in the boot, and possible hyperextension of the knee, as with other elevated foam products. The liner of the soft USA Boot is made of a breathable, washable Orthowick material that "wicks" moisture away from the skin, keeping the patient dry and comfortable - an essential factor in good skin integrity.

Foot - USA Boot (Universal Suspension Assist Boot) with optional Anti Rotation Attachment

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Soft Heel Suspension Boot - USA Boot (Universal Suspension Assist Boot)

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