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Foot Orthoses

RCAI offers a variety of foot products for the treatment of contractures, foot drop, heel pressure sores, spasticity, inversion/eversion, rotation, tendonitis, ankle sprains, stress fractures, plantar fasciitis, ligament and tendon repairs. RCAI's product line features the Original Multi Podus® System and MPO 2000®, which can replace most other equipment used for bed positioning and functional alignment.

Please choose from the following categories:

» MPO 2000®

» MPO 2000 Active®

» MPO Active®

» Multi Podus®

» Phase II MPO®

» Corrxit Foot Orthosis

» Ankle Foot Orthosis

» Plantar Fasciitis Foot Orthosis

» TA / Walking Boot

» USA Boot

» Foot Orthosis Application Videos

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